Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Why The Future Of Our Organizations Depends On Having More Women In Management

Last year when I was writing my most recent book on The Future of Work, I shared some ideas with my wife (Blake Morgan) around topics that I wanted to include and she said, "You know, you really should write something about women and management." My immediate response was, "Huh? Why would I do that?" I was a bit naive when it came to anything related to women in the workplace. I always heard about the issues and challenges that women are faced with in the corporate world but I really didn't know much about them. My wife has dealt with many of these first hand and she encouraged me to do my own exploration. I was shocked by the information I found and the things I learned and perhaps most shocked by the things that I didn't know! I feel a lot of people are in this same "I don't know" boat.

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