Thursday, October 20, 2016

How Location Can Affect Your Business's Profitability

The Kara Network is a digital resource foradvice and discussion for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. Allyson Downey, CEO of weeSpring, founded her company-which is a resource for new parents looking for baby products recommended by friends-in a New York City, a place where many businesses are founded, but cost of living is [...]

This Silicon Valley Executive Says Millennials Can Do More By Working Less

One Silicon Valley executive believes you can accomplish more work in 40 hours than you think. And the research proves it.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Taiwanese Startup That Can Sell You A Lifetime's Worth Of Stored Data

No one wants to shoot a smartphone video or start updating software only to find a popup saying storage is full. Six people in Taiwan kept running into these problems and knew plenty of others who did, too, so they decided to do something about it.

Monday, October 17, 2016

An Apple Earnings Beat Could Fuel Another Big Run For The Stock

Stocks continue to chop around as we head toward a lineup of huge events in the coming weeks. First, we have third quarter earnings reports underway. Remember, last quarter companies reported into lowered expectations. And they beat at about the same rate they historically beat--about 70% of the time. But conveniently, they accompanied those better earnings with downgrades on the third quarter outlook.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Meet The Entrepreneur Bridging The Gap Between Tech And The Military

Nick Taranto, co-founder of Plated is one. Paige Craig, managing partner of Arena Ventures is too. So is Ann Weeby, director of workforce innovation at Salesforce. They look just like any other person in the the startup world. But the truth is that they are part of a small but growing population in tech: veterans. And if Harvard grad and former Navy EOD Officer Mike Slagh has his way, there will soon be a whole lot more of them.

8 Influencer Marketing Trends That Will Lead You To Success

Influencer marketing has skyrocketed in the past year, but you can?t just start throwing money at the strategy without understanding the trends that shape it.

The Honest Story: How Jessica Alba Solved A Big Problem

From being one of the hottest actresses to running one of the hottest billion dollar companies, this is a look into how Jessica Alba created The Honest Company.