Wednesday, February 18, 2015

5 Ways To Get Out Of A Funk

The holidays are over. The surge of energy that swirls with New Year’s Resolutions has dwindled. The romance of Valentine’s Day has passed, too. And now, we’re left with the last weeks of winter. Whether you’re in the Midwestern frozen tundra (like me, in currently below-zero temperatures) or elsewhere, these months are hard on all of us. Self-worth, motivation, and creativity all feel like a struggle at times. This isn’t something unique to you – remember that we all get down at times, and it’s all the more common at this point in the season. While it happens to many of us, the way you handle yourself to get out of a funk makes the difference between the good and the great champions. Here are a few ways to boost yourself back to high-energy, high-performance.

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