Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New Survey: 20% Of Spouses Keep Financial Secrets

Is your partner cheating on you—financially? A new poll reveals there’s a 20% chance your spouse isn’t being entirely honest with you when it comes to money. A survey found that: One in five Americans admit they’ve spent $500 or more without their partner’s knowledge 6% keep a hidden checking or savings account, or use secret credit cards 8% of men and 5% of women are likely to have financial secrets 26% of men and 14% of women were likely to spend $500 or more without consulting their partner Younger people are more apt to spend in secret: 25% of respondents aged 18-29 have spent $500 or more without consulting their partner, compared with just 15 percent of those aged 65 and up. 7% of those aged 18-49 said they had secret accounts, compared with 4% aged 65 and over

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