Friday, December 19, 2014

Budweiser Is No Longer King; Lagunitas And Other Craft Brewers Pursue A New Crown

Budweiser is shaking things up with their holiday ads. More millenials, fewer Clydesdales, and promotions like vintage cans and wooden crates. I like the effort, but Bud’s decade long decline it is much more about what's inside the can. It is a new era in beer, and it is being defined by craft brewers. In fact, in 2013 craft brewers sold 16.1 million barrels of beer, outpacing Budweiser for the first time. The new crown is not just about volume. It is about defining and owning the most valuable part of the beer market. Craft beer represents 8% of beer sold, but more than 10% of the revenue. And craft beer has the momentum with younger drinkers. According to Anheuser Busch's own research, only 44% of 21-27 year old drinkers have ever tried a Bud.

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