Friday, June 3, 2016

Rainmaker Rewind: A Process for Content Marketing Success

Rainmaker FM rewind

Rainmaker Digital's Chief Content Officer Sonia Simone knows a thing or two about content marketing.

Tune in to this week's episode of Copyblogger FM as Sonia navigates the best ways to organize your time and energy so you're able to consistently produce effective marketing materials.

And be sure to check out the other great episodes that aired on Rainmaker FM during the past week in this edition of Rainmaker Rewind.

Copyblogger FM - A Process for Content Marketing Success

  1. Confessions of a Pink-haired Marketer. Sonia Simone unpacks a four-part process to help content marketers consistently produce great content: A Process for Content Marketing Success

  2. The Digital Entrepreneur. Brian Clark and Jerod Morris welcome Sonia Simone to the show to share her secrets about digital entrepreneurship: Sonia Simone's Secret to Starting the 1,000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle of Building a Successful Business

  3. Unemployable. Brian Clark chats with Gary Vaynerchuk about setting the stage for bigger and better things down the road: Gary Vaynerchuk on Playing the Long Game

  4. Zero to Book. Pamela Wilson and Jeff Goins interview Chantel Hamilton, the first editor to work on Pamela's upcoming book. Chantel shares her “four circles of book editing hell,” a tongue-in-cheek look at the stages any great book goes through in order to come alive: The 4 Circles of Book Editing Hell (and How to Get Through Them)

  5. The Missing Link. Jabez Lebret chats with JD Gershbein about the principles of thought leadership on LinkedIn and how you can find your own competitive advantage: Find Your Competitive Advantage on LinkedIn Through Thought Leadership

  6. Youpreneur. Chris Ducker welcomes the Merrymaker Sisters to the show to talk about their entrepreneurial journey and how they managed to turn their hobby into a six-figure business: Earning 6-Figures in Less Than a Year, with the Merrymaker Sisters

  7. The Showrunner. Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor explain how to use the “Hell Yes” principle to create the best show experience for you and your listeners: Why the 'Hell Yes' Principle is the Key to Differentiation That Impacts an Audience

  8. Hack the Entrepreneur. Jon Nastor and Bob Baker explore the importance of finding your “one thing” and staying focused once you do: The Power of Constructive Impatience

  9. The Writer Files. Kelton Reid learns about the habits and habitats of a hyper-prolific fictionist, Dean Wesley Smith, in this fascinating interview: How Bestselling Hybrid Author Dean Wesley Smith Writes: Part One

  10. Technology Translated. Scott Ellis welcomes Joanna Weibe to chat about what split-testing is, how to use it, and other things you should be thinking about when it comes to optimizing your site: How To Use Split-Testing To Move Your Customer To Action

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