Friday, August 5, 2016

Accounting Manager Fights IRS For Deduction For MBA Courses

Thanks to a trip to Tax Court, Alex Kopaigora will be able to keep his deductions for MBA expenses for the year 2011, mostly. Mr. Kopaigora began working for Marriott International Corporation in 2002 and advanced to a position of significant responsibility.
In June 2006 petitioner accepted a position as senior assistant controller for the Marriott hotel in Los Angeles International Airport (Marriott LAX). In his role as senior assistant controller, petitioner was responsible for managing a team of employees, reviewing employee performances annually, participating in hiring activities, and training employees. Petitioner's duties included preparing financial reports, creating budgets, analyzing financial data, producing forecasts to enable reaction to business changes, and monitoring different departments' performances. Additionally, petitioner conducted audits, prepared an accounting of taxes, prepared financial reports according to generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), enforced internal controls, reconciled balance sheets, and ensured compliance with reporting requirements.


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