Friday, January 9, 2015

Meghan Millennial Takes An Omnichannel Stroll: The Trend In Retail Customer Experience You Must Become An Expert In

Today's younger retail customers, including the all-important millennial generation of customers, have come of age lacking the sense of limitations in commerce that their elders have long been forced to accept. They don’t believe that commerce needs to take place on one channel or operating system (on a desktop browser running Chrome, for example) to the exclusion of another (a tablet running Safari). They will be sure to Yelp your business a new one if you don’t honor your online pricing in your store (or vice versa), or if you refuse to honor a gift card in your store that someone sent the customer by email. Your Customer Is The Star: An eBook From Forbes How to make millennials, Boomers and everyone in between fall in love your business. By Micah Solomon. What they want is what’s called—jargon alert—omnichannel. To put it simply, omnichannel is the future of just about everything that involves extracting money from a customer in a way that they actually enjoy having it extracted.

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